Helping Local Families With Rental Assistance

February 25, 2021

Thanks to the support of our donors, Galilee Center helps hundreds of families with rental and utility assistance every year. Our applicants are families, single parents, and seniors impacted by COVID-19.

A. Perez was a recent applicant and single mom of a four-year-old boy. When her partner lost his job due to COVID-19, the stress was too much for him. He abandoned Perez and left her to take care of their child and all of their bills. Perez found herself in a challenging situation because her partner was the household’s primary provider while she was a dedicated mom and student at CSUSB. Perez’s family offered to help with child care while she went back to work but could not assist her with money due to their own COVID-19 related financial struggles.

Perez was looking for employment, but she needed financial help immediately. She came to Galilee Center to seek rental and utility assistance. Galilee provided the support she needed with her rent and utility bills while also referring her to different programs to help her find employment.

After two weeks of receiving assistance, Galilee Center followed up with Perez and learned that she found a job as an administrative assistant. Her starting pay is enough to sustain and keep her and her son afloat. She is now current with all of her bills which has alleviated much of her emotional stress. Perez is relieved that she can now provide for her son and is very grateful for Galilee Center’s help.

“Now, I have the peace of mind I desperately needed so that I can focus on my son, my job, and school. I feel that my situation is so much different from last month, and I’m looking forward to a brighter future”.

Each month we receive 50 to 60 new applications from families like A. Perez. If you can donate, any amount helps. Click here to donate.